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You can cite F1000Research papers that are awaiting peer review (for example in manuscripts, CVs, or grant applications), because the citation includes details of the peer review status, making it clear to everyone what stage of peer review the article has reached.

Readers who later follow the oseflu link to view the paper will be able to see its current peer review status. Not quite - most importantly, 'Not Approved' does not mean 'Rejected'.

The article remains published and a future revised version, if the reviewers judge it to be sufficiently improved, may then be 'Approved' or 'Approved with Augmentin bid tablet. The term 'Approved' means that the reviewer considers the article is technically sound, and has either no or only minor revisions. In every case, even when all reviewers approve the article, future versions are welcome.

Versions are considered to be updates when the authors wish to add small developments or new information to the article, usually after it has passed peer review. We charge a small APC for updated versions (as of May 2019) to help cover the associated editorial costs.

You can revise your article augmentin bid tablet any time by publishing a new version, which will be displayed as the default. There are no extra APC charges for publishing a revised version of your article, and we would encourage you to revise your article in response to peer review reports.

If we are expecting further peer review reports to be submitted in the near future, we may sometimes recommend that you wait until the reports are published. However, as our publishing process is entirely driven by the authors, it is your decision when you feel the time is right for a revision.

Please download the document provided on the Submissions page and ensure that track changes are turned on whilst editing the document. More information on how to create a new version, please visit Article Guidelines (new versions). Once your article has been published on F1000Research, it has a formal citation with a DOI, which means that we must retain a permanent record of the full content augmentin bid tablet not change or remove it. See details of our correction, replacement, and retraction policies.

On rare occasions, if you were not able to get reviewers for your article after a long period of time, peer augmentin bid tablet may be discontinued. Peer review at F1000Research is an author-driven process: authors are best placed to know who the experts are in their field, and they suggest the reviewers for their augmentin bid tablet (following certain criteria). When we stop inviting reviewers, a notice is added to the Open Peer Review box at the top of the article page to alert readers that we are not expecting any (further) peer review reports, at least for the time being.

Yes - we name our reviewers and publish beauty and healthy reports alongside the article. Everyone visiting an article page or viewing its PDF can see all peer review reports, reviewer names, and comments. There are many good reasons for augmentin bid tablet open about reviewer identities and comments.

Reviewers who review work that competes with their own may be tempted to unfairly criticize augmentin bid tablet delay its publication. Second: Peer review reports can be interesting and informative and we believe that everyone augmentin bid tablet have a chance to see them. At their best, they offer an objective critique that adds real value to the article in question for authors and readers alike. Third: If peer review reports are kept secret, reviewers get no credit for their contributions.

They devote an immense amount augmentin bid tablet time and effort to reviewing other scientists' work and advising them on how to improve it, and it is fair that this should be recognized and acknowledged. So the act of publishing the reports actually improves the quality of the advice the authors receive.

Constructive criticism is a core part of a reviewer's job, so peer review reports often contain suggestions for improvements or insights into a paper's weaknesses. Our reviewers' reports are no different in this regard.

What does make F1000Research different is that you can respond to your reviewers, to clarify and explain. And if a reviewer points out errors or omissions in your paper, or suggests ways to improve cln 2, you can publish a revised version augmentin bid tablet addresses these issues.

The great thing about F1000Research is that you can also see other people's reviews, and you'll notice that constructive criticism is common in many peer review reports. We carry out a set of in-house checks on all article submissions, and those that we and our advisors consider to be not sound science are augmentin bid tablet accepted for publication.

As experts in the field, the reviewers have the deepest understanding of the material presented in a paper and they might still judge a published article to not be sound science, or to require significant changes before it can be considered sound. Consequently, on rare occasions, some published papers may be unanimously negatively reviewed. However, we do encourage authors to submit a revised version of their article that addresses the reviewers' criticisms. If authors feel that a reviewer has been unfairly negative about their work, they can also request a new reviewer on either the original version or any revised version of their article.

Reviewers are formally invited by F1000Research (as is the case with most other journals). They are selected based on suggestions from the authors, and their suitability as a reviewer for the article is checked before they are invited to contribute a report.

Prospective reviewers who have collaborated augmentin bid tablet are currently collaborating with any of the authors augmentin bid tablet not eligible to review the article in question. Reviewers are also asked to declare any competing interests. Posters and slides are not peer reviewed. We would love to hear from you.



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