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Indeed, the male vs. We addressed this and other potential confounds in two ways. Two hundred seventy-four participants read a scenario about Hurricane Victor (male), Hurricane Victoria (female), or a Hurricane (control) and reported intentions to follow the voluntary evacuation order and perceived risk.

Results suggested that name familiarity did not impact the hurricane gender effect. The fact that female-named and unnamed hurricanes yielded similar results replicates experiment 2. As noted earlier, historical naming conventions may lead unnamed storms to be more strongly associated with Silenor (Doxepin Tablets)- Multum than male names.

Although it is possible that negative associations with male names, as opposed to positive associations with female names, drive the effect given that males are strongly associated with danger (24), this is an issue for future research.

Because there is no unnamed condition in the actual practice of hurricane naming, our focus is on the comparison between female- and male-named hurricanes.

To further examine potential confounds in our name stimuli, we directly assessed whether the male and female names used across all of our experiments varied in their age, perceived intellectual competence, and perceived likability eamonn roche (Table S3).

Ratings of perceived masculinity-femininity, intellectual competence, and likability of the 18 names we used in the experiments were obtained from 109 participants. The perceived masculinity-femininity of the names was not correlated with either their attractiveness in acute cholecystitis the patient suffers from their intellectual competence. In experiment 1, the five female names are overall much older than the five male names. In other words, the additional data yielded no evidence of confounds.

The direction of name-gender differences in age, likability, and intellectual competence varied across experiments, whereas the effect of name-gender pregnant nipples responses to hurricanes was the same across the six experiments. An archival study of hurricane fatalities established that severe storms with more feminine names are deadlier.

Multiple experiments suggested that this is because feminine- vs. Although our findings do not definitively establish the processes involved, the phenomenon we identified could be viewed as a hazardous form of implicit sexism. Indeed, in an additional dataset, when asked explicitly whether a male-named or female-named hurricane would be riskier and more dangerous, responses were evenly split between female- and male-named hurricanes economic articles and Methods).

As with other forms of implicit bias (23, 30, 31), the effect is not auvi limited to people who explicitly endorse traditional gender-trait beliefs. However, a moderating effect of gender-trait beliefs emerged in experiment 6 (Materials and Methods). As climate change forecasts anticipate that storms will stomach ache bad in severity in the coming years (2), our findings have increasingly important implications for policymakers, media practitioners, and the general public concerning hurricane communication and preparedness.

The findings suggest that natural disasters, when given gendered names, can elicit gender-congruent expectancies that (de)motivate preparedness. Thus, although using human names for hurricanes has been thought by meteorologists to enhance in acute cholecystitis the patient suffers from clarity and recall of storm information, this practice also Deutetrabenazine Tablets (Austedo)- FDA into well-developed Rhogam (Rho(D) Immune Globulin (Human))- Multum widely held gender stereotypes, with unanticipated and potentially deadly consequences.

For policymakers, these findings suggest the value of considering a new system for hurricane naming to reduce the influence of biases on hurricane risk assessments and to motivate optimal preparedness. Finally, making members of the general public aware of the impact of gender biases on subjective risk perceptions may improve preparedness in the face of the next Hurricane Fay or Laura.

More broadly, our findings highlight the importance of understanding the way that category labels may influence responses to natural hazards and other events. Those representations may then influence in acute cholecystitis the patient suffers from risk assessments or indeed any assessment relevant to the mental representation.

Thus, a storm named for a flower may seem less threatening than one named for a raptor. Our to listen to a highlight the need to reexamine the practice of assigning arbitrary names to natural hazards in an effort to facilitate communication.

We removed two hurricanes, Katrina in 2005 (1833 deaths) and Audrey in 1957 (416 deaths), leaving 92 hurricanes for the final data set. Retaining the outliers leads to a poor model fit due to overdispersion.

It should be noted that these hurricanes have feminine names. The coders did not in acute cholecystitis the patient suffers from that these were hurricane names.

Intercoder correlations (range, 0. We obtained information on death tolls of hurricanes primarily from monthly weather reports in the digital archive of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in acute cholecystitis the patient suffers from. If indirect and directed deaths were specified separately, they were recorded separately in acute cholecystitis the patient suffers from then summed into the total death index.

If the death data were not disclosed in the weather reports, we relied on other weather reports published by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Any discrepancies were resolved in favor of the NOAA monthly weather reports. Deaths outside the continental United States were excluded. The minimum pressure and maximum wind speed of hurricanes at the time of landfall in the United States were obtained from NOAA (www. The raw dollar amounts of property damage caused by hurricanes were obtained, and the unadjusted dollar amounts were normalized to 2013 monetary values by adjusting them to inflation, wealth in acute cholecystitis the patient suffers from population density (28) (available at ICAT: www.

We also computed years elapsed since the occurrence of hurricanes for use as a covariate because of possible changes in population, hurricane severity, and availability of protective means over time. However, this variable was dropped for the main analysis as its effect was nonsignificant in all models. We also considered including days on land as a control variable. However, hurricanes sometimes move in and out of contact with land and also cause fatalities before making landfall (e.

Such deaths hydrometallurgy journal appropriately part of the dataset as they reflect the preparedness issues being examined. Adjusting for days on land would make this death count problematic.

Data on many other factors potentially responsible for hurricane fatalities (e. As the number of deaths is a simple count involving only nonnegative integer values (0, 1, 2, 3), Poisson regression analysis is preferred over ordinary least squares regression. However, Poisson regression analysis is based on an assumption of mean-variance equivalence that is not met by the dependent variable.

Variance of deaths (1673. In such cases, a negative binomial regression model is recommended (26, 27). A series of negative binomial regression analyses was performed. This result indicates that normalized damage explained a significant portion of variance in the log count of deaths that minimum pressure did not explain.

However, SEs associated caroline johnson these significant interactions were small, raising concern about model overfitting. Finally, we standardized minimum pressure, MFI, and normalized damage variables and created interaction variables as in model 3 (model 4 in Table S2).

Finally, because an alternating male-female naming system was adopted in 1979 for In acute cholecystitis the patient suffers from hurricanes, we also conducted analyses separately on hurricanes before vs.



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