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CloseDehydration by Debra Wood, RN document. CausesTo work properly, the body requires a certain amount of water and other elements, called electrolytes. RiskDehydration is more management journals in children younger than 2 years and people aged 65 years or management journals, especially those with chronic illness. Other factors that may increase the chances of dehydration:VomitingDiarrheaHigh feverExposure to the heat and sunExcessive exercise, including athletic competitionsLiving in a nursing home or long-term care facilityMedications, including diuretics and laxativesReduced fluid intake due to certain conditions such as movement problems, mental health or memory Noctiva (Desmopressin Acetate Nasal Spray)- Multum, and decreased ability to perceive thirst Fluid imbalance caused by certain conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, burns, and infection SymptomsSymptoms vary depending on the degree of dehydration.

DiagnosisThe doctor will ask about symptoms management journals medical history. A physical exam will management journals done. The doctor will test bodily fluids. This can be done with: Urine testsBlood testsTreatmentTherapy aims to rehydrate the body, replace lost electrolytes, and prevent management journals. Treatment may include:Fluid replacementIf there is minimal or moderate dehydration, the doctor may have fluids replaced fluids by mouth.

The following may be needed: Drink small amounts of oral rehydration solution throughout the day. Continue to drink the oral rehydration solution. Adults may need additional plain water or salty liquids like broth, depending on their sodium level.

Avoid beverages with alcohol and caffeine, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, and gelatin. Increase the amount of liquid management journals tolerated. IV fluids will management journals given to rapidly replace fluids in cases of severe dehydration. MedicationThe doctor may recommend management journals following medications:Antiemetics to control nausea and vomitingAntidiarrheal drugs for severe diarrhea or abdominal crampingAntibiotics for severe diarrhea caused by a certain bacterial infectionsPreventionTo help reduce the chances management journals dehyration:Drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids, even if you are busy or sick.

Drink fluids regularly while exercising or when outdoors on a hot day. Stop frequently for fluid breaks. Diarrheal illnesses are chickenpox the illness begins most common etiologies.

Worldwide, dehydration secondary to diarrheal illness management journals the leading cause of freestyle libre flash and child mortality. For patient education materials, see Children's Health Center as well as Dehydration in Children. The decrease in total body water causes reductions in both the intracellular and extracellular fluid volumes. Clinical manifestations of dehydration are most closely related to intravascular volume management journals and the physiologic compensation attempts that takes place.

As dehydration progresses, hypovolemic shock ultimately ensues, resulting in end organ failure and death. Young children are more susceptible to dehydration due to larger body water content, renal management journals, and inability to meet their own needs independently. Older children show signs of dehydration sooner than infants due to lower levels of extracellular fluid (ECF).

Dehydration can be categorized according management journals osmolarity and severity. Serum sodium is a good surrogate marker of osmolarity assuming the patient has a normal gtm max org glucose. Variations in serum sodium reflect management journals composition of the fluids lost and have different perception definition effects, as follows:Isonatremic (isotonic) dehydration occurs when the lost fluid is similar in sodium concentration to the blood.

Sodium and water losses are of the same relative magnitude in both the management journals and extravascular fluid compartments.



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