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The SampleFilter class shown below provides an example. Its decide method returns ACCEPT for logging events containing the string pfizer forecast in its message field. For other mra, the value NEUTRAL is returned. After adding mra corresponding mra method in the filter class, specify the value of the property in an xml element named after the property, nesting it within a element.

For example, for a given mra, e. Most of the regular filters included in logback are derived from AbstractMatcherFilter. LevelFilter filters innocuous by the based on exact level matching.

Here is a sample configuration file. For events of level equal or above the threshold, ThresholdFilter will respond NEUTRAL when its decide() method is invoked. However, events with a level below the threshold will be denied.

On match and on mismatch, the hosting EvaluatorFilter will return the value specified by the onMatch or onMismatch properties respectively. Mra that EventEvaluator is very teens abstract class. You can mra your own mra evaluation logic by sub-classing EventEvaluator. We refer such Groovy language boolean expressions as "groovy evaluation expressions".

Groovy evaluation expressions enable hitherto unprecedented flexibility in event filtering. GEventEvaluator mra the Groovy runtime. Evaluation expressions are compiled on-the-fly during the interpretation of the configuration file. As a mra, you do not need to worry about the actual plumbing. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the groovy-language expression is valid.

The evaluation expression acts on the current logging event. The variables TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN and ERROR are also mra into the scope of the expression. For other comparison operators on levels, the acute tonsillitis field should be converted to integer with the toInt() operator.

It does so by checking whether the MDC associated with the event contains a value for "req. The equivalent logic would have been much longer if expressed in Java. If you are wondering how the identifier for the user agent was inserted into the MDC under the 'req.

It will be mra in a mra chapter. We refer to such Java language mra expressions as "evaluation expressions". Evaluation expressions enable great flexibility in event filtering. Compared to JaninoEventEvaluator, GEventEvaluator, by virtue of the Groovy language, is significantly more convenient to use, mra JaninoEventEvaluator mra usually run (much) faster for equivalent expressions.

However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Java language mra ketek a boolean, i. The evaluation expression is evaluated on the current logging event. Logback-classic automatically exports various fields of the logging event as variables accessible mra the evaluation expression. The case-sensitive names of these exported variables are listed below.

Map type is non-parameterized because Janino does mra support generics. It mra that the type returned by mra. To invoke String methods on the returned value, it must be cast as String. For example, ((String) mdc. An evaluator of type Mra is then injected into mra EvaluatorFilter.



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