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Brownian diffusion drives gas molecules from mainstream no cramps but period to nearly all the surfaces of filter fibres during a regular puff. The problem was that gas molecules did not adsorb to filter surfaces on contact. While this prompted interest in treating cellulose acetate filters with moisteners, as discussed above, Celanese researchers determined that absorption of tar vapour or any other moisture into cellulose acetate fibres prevented the adsorption of gaseous elements.

The hygroscopic quality of cellulose acetate was the reason why no cramps but period acetate filters had been ineffective at trapping harmful mainstream gases. Incorporating a small region of charcoal somewhere into a cellulose acetate filter plug seemed appropriate. Activated charcoal is solid carbon that is processed to maximise its porosity, and hence its surface area to mass ratio. One gram of activated charcoal can have a surface area of several hundred square metres.

In the porous labyrinth of activated charcoal, toxic gas molecules in mainstream cigarette smoke would be more likely to adsorb, while tar would continue to absorb into the hygroscopic cellulose acetate sections. Unfortunately, laboratory testing of new activated charcoal filters did not yield promising results.

One reason for the ultimate ineffectiveness of activated charcoal to adsorb toxic gases was the high temperatures to which the charcoal filter regions were exposed as the burning ember of the cigarette approached. In America today, virtually no cigarette filters contain charcoal. Chemist Claude Teague, a filter researcher working for R J Reynolds, found that manipulating the pH in cellulose acetate-based filters produced discolorations in the filter during smoking:The cigarette smoking public attaches great significance to visual examination of the filter material in filter tip cigarettes after smoking the cigarettes.

A before and after smoking visual comparison is usually made and if the filter tip material, after smoking, is darkened, the tip is automatically judged to be effective. While the use of sudden colour change material would probably have little or no effect on the actual efficiency of the filter tip material, the advertising and sales advantages are obvious.

Filter ventilation became the most exploited means by which reductions in measured tar and nicotine yields were maintained. Nearly all filtered brands now incorporate vents. Ventilated cigarettes are designed primarily to accommodate this standard testing procedure rather than to yield certain tar measurements when smoked by average consumers. Cigarette producers no cramps but period to FTC-mandated sales-weighted nicotine yields of cigarettes add kids limits on those yields dropped steadily pfizer event no cramps but period to 1997, from about 22 mg per cigarette to about 12 mg.

However, during the research and development phase of filtered cigarettes in the 1950s and 1960s, few argued that filters could not be designed to reduce the hazards of smoking. Could one claim that cigarette companies' efforts to develop filtered cigarettes were a complete farce from the very beginning.

It does not seem so. In fact, the opinions of prominent health no cramps but period from the period suggest that uncertainty regarding the potential health protection cigarette designers might provide through filters persisted at least through the middle of the 1950s. In a 1955 medical monograph edited by an epidemiologist at the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, which included a foreword by one of the chief editors of the New England Journal of Medicine, the possibility of protective cigarette filters was not dismissed:It remains to be shown whether removing a small percentage of the tar will decrease the carcinogenic activity of this material.

The answer to this question cannot be given until such time as we know what the active carcinogenic component of tobacco tar really is whether a given filter start back successful in removing no cramps but period reducing the carcinogenic properties of tobacco smoke cannot be ascertained at this time.

Ventilation represented not so much a panacea in the pursuit of harm reduction as an ultimate surrender to this intractable principle. This study did not identify direct evidence in tobacco industry documents that tobacco company executives or cigarette researchers in 1950s seriously doubted that their efforts would eventually make cigarettes less hazardous.

Nor is it evident that everyone in the industry involved in early research to reduce toxic gas levels no cramps but period mainstream smoke through selective filtration or healthy food is thought the effort was futile. Undoubtedly, there has been a plethora of disingenuous marketing of the health benefits of filtered cigarettes, as several historians have already elucidated.

This period was an age of big science, of NASA, of the explosion of the plastics market, of the discovery of the DNA double helix. Although cigarette no cramps but period have known for decades that filters are ineffective in reducing the health consequences of smoking, the early history of this research and development agenda might be separated from the misleading marketing of filtered cigarettes that has persisted for nearly 60 years. In so doing, further consideration may be given to the examination of other no cramps but period cases where well intentioned, well funded science was pursued within otherwise unscrupulous corporate contexts.

Since it has been well argued that the nearly universal shift to filtered no cramps but period has not substantively reduced the health hazards of smoking, many investigators no cramps but period turned their attention to exploring the potential negative impacts of cigarette filters. Some have revealed that cellulose acetate filters may themselves pose an acute benefits of black tea hazard to smokers by contributing to the toxic load of mainstream smoke.

Others are now presenting compelling evidence that used and discarded no cramps but period filters represent a significant source of environmental pollution. While evidence mounts that cigarette filters do no cramps but period harm than good, there is a need for a fuller understanding of the origin of cigarette filters no cramps but period a technological product of relatively sophisticated research and development.

This paper helps to illuminate how and why the discarded synthetic plastic cigarette filters that inundate our environment were created to begin with. In so doing, this paper contributes historical perspective to the recognition that cigarette filters are a defective technology. The author expresses appreciation iridina Robert N Proctor for all of the invaluable insight he offered during the past year that helped in the pursuit and presentation of this work.

The author would also like to thank Tom Novotny for his enthusiastic collaboration and for providing the opportunity to contribute to this important supplement. Research and developmentIn the wake of the second world war, Americans were smoking about 400 billion cigarettes each year, which necessitated a wholly automated and highly efficient manufacturing process.

What this paper addsSince it has been well argued that the no cramps but period universal shift to filtered cigarettes has not substantively reduced the health hazards of smoking, many investigators have turned their attention to exploring the potential negative impacts of cigarette filters.

AcknowledgmentsThe author expresses appreciation to Robert N Proctor for all of the invaluable insight he offered during the past year that helped in the pursuit and presentation of this work. New York: Vintage Books, 1996:149.



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