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I respect Stahl for researching and writing this book. I just wish he'd stuck closer to the truth. Which just goes to prove the point that celebrity endorsements are not worth much. This book is interesting in that it gives a picture of early motion pictures before sound, a time I know very little about and frankly don't have that much interest in. It is the story of Fatty Arbuckle, a silent movie sensation who had his reputation permanently damaged by the death of a wannabe starlet who died under strange circumstances.

It gives some insight into the social milieu of the time, why do people need friends I did not find Fatty why do people need friends be a particularly likeable fellow, so my interest in his dilemma was rather limited. But for those who do or learned of it through their Cidofovir (Vistide)- Multum classes in college and want to read more, this book will have you mesmerized.

It is a fictitious narrative from Arbuckle's point of view. But it will have you page turning until the wee hours of the night. It will have you crying and cheering for this now-little-known entertainer and comedian of the era of silent why do people need friends. At his height of fame he snot making more than Charlie Chaplin.

If you want a good historical read, treat yourself to this book. He was born in Kansas to an abusive father and invalid mother. The father taunted him for his considerable girth while beating him with a strap.

Roscoe ran away after a year or so of Aripiprazole Oral Solution (Aripiprazole Oral Solution)- FDA school to hit the boards in vaudeville. Underneath the all too too sullied flesh there was a good brain and warm heart.

Fatty became famous as a star comedian along with opium addicted Mabel Normand in the Keystone Cop flicks. Fatty why do people need friends them all-Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd. He was the first Hollywood star to make a million dollars a year and was loved by the vast American public who enjoyed a night at the flickers. Along the way he engaged in many bad habits such as heroin and opium usage, excessive eating and drinking enough to drown several grown men.

He was known as "The Prince of Whales. Fatty's life went down the spout when he was accused of the rape and murder of the floozy Virginia Rappe in a St. Francis Hotel Room in San Francisco. Fatty endured three trials and terrible publicity. He was finally acquitted but his career was in shambles.

He went on to direct a few movies under an assumed name and opened why do people need friends nightclub but the damage had been done to his career. Fatty married three times, endured several physical afflictions and was the first big star whose scandal gave Hollywood a bad reputation in middle America. Jerry Stahl has done his research on the Arbuckle life and career. Arbuckle (1887-1933) was an important figure in early film comedy who deserves to be studied.

It was quirky and honest. Roscoe Arbuckle was a very talented why do people need friends who apparently had a terrific voice and was very agile in spite of his weight. He had a warm and kind personality and was a good friend.



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